Located in Milton WI, Sharla's Coffee Stop is a family run business and the new coffee shop where the locals go to drink and socialize. We are always changing our menu options and are known for our homemade, fresh baked scones! You can borrow the space for your next event, bring your friends and hang out in a comfortable spot to catch up or bring in the kids for a fun and healthy treat! We are here to support our community and their caffeine needs! 



Sharla Walker

"Opening up a coffee shop has been my lifelong dream! We feel honored and privileged to be located in the city of Milton, in such a historic building. Starting with a variety of coffee experiences, blended with healthy options and offering alternative assortments of treats."

- Sharla Walker 


David Walker


"Being a Navy veteran, coffee has been a staple of my life. I am excited to be a location where people can come and build community as they drink coffee. I never imagined myself as a barista but I love it. From making speciality drinks for each customer that I invent for them or making my famous scones, I love what I do." 

- David Walker 

Our Customers say...
"We are so happy to have a new space to hang in the neighborhood"

"Wow, this place is so warm and inviting"

"I never imagined this old library as a coffee shop, but it works!"
"I am going to make this my new everyday coffee place"
"I am for sure going to run to the shop after my workouts"