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Meet The Owners

What makes a small town coffee shop feel warm and welcoming? Getting to know a little about the people who are the shop! The first coffee shop team member we are putting a spotlight on is Sharla Walker! Here is a little note from her:

"My name is Sharla Walker and for the last 20+ years I have dreamed of owning a coffee shop. 

It wasn’t just my love for coffee that created this dream; but also, my love for people. I dreamed of creating a space that the public would crave hanging out in as much as I did! A place to find new and old friends. A business that supports other businesses. A café that is willing to make peoples favorite drinks, even though they’re not on the menu. A haven for any individual, group, club, or committee, to hang out in that is safe & comfortable. And lastly, an organization that is able to give back; to a community, supporting local events, teams, individuals and groups. 

I would say that most important piece of creating a coffee shop was that it was created, organized, and run by family. 

In the shop you’ll meet my husband Dave-it’s his ‘Power Blend’ roast is a favorite of most!  

My 8-year-old daughter will be running around or in a corner reading a book-don’t forget to try her ‘drink-of-the-month’ both kids and adults are loving them! 

You might have the pleasure of meeting my son and his fiancé -Dan & Raquel, whom the DNR roast is named after. 

Need a last-minute gift? My dad, Dale, made all the wood items on the walls and the shelf in the corner. 

Do you follow us on, Sharla’s Coffee Stop on Facebook or sharla.coffeestop on Instagram? If you do, my beautiful and clever niece is responsible for creating and updating it all, including helping us with menus, designs etc. 

You may have met, or you will meet, my Sister, Sarah. She’s our backup and go-to gal for everything! 

There’s many more to meet, it’s a family affair….which is EXACTLY how I envisioned it!

My goal is that no matter who is serving you at Sharla’s Coffee Stop; you feel welcomed, appreciated & taken care of!"

Sharla Walker

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